The Story behind the Artist - Sue Ciccone

Sue Ciccone - Artist
I've always loved art and I've always drawn
mostly people and animals as well with pencil.

But I didn't really... and I did all forms of art, art
related things, design things all my life.  That

wasn't really my focus. 

It was always just something I loved to do on
the side and then in my 40's I just, kinda funny,
I started picking out these old windows...

accumulated hundreds of these things and
then I started painting on them and I started
doing beach scenes.

And then I thought... well I really wanna like,
I want to explore my painting more.  This is
more crafty art.

I really wanna, I want to learn fine art.  I want
to be better and so I started taking classes.  And
first thing I painted ever... 

on a canvas was this ginormous mermaid.  And
she's underwater and it's very dramatic.  Her
hair's flowing.  

That was my first painting and I sold it at
gallery down in Ocean City.
Gallery 222 Malvern
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The Story Behind the Artist - Joseph Sweeney

Joseph Sweeney - Artist
I could always draw in high school, you know.
That was one of those things... 

that we would do when we were waiting for
something to happen and people would hand
me their book and say... 

hey draw my corvette in here, you know, 
I would draw them something in the back of
their book and basically that's where that started.

And then, I was in the Navy for two years and
I would draw things for people on the ship and
then I thought, you know I kinda like this...

so let me see what happens after the Navy.
I went the total opposite direction into the art.
Which was like... 

going from a battle to Fantasy Island.  Instead
of going through traumatic stress disorder,
I went to art school.  

When I went to the Navy, I signed my life away
for two years and I swore that I would never
do that again.

So, I wanted to be totally free.  So, for the last
forty years I've been a painter.  I haven't worked
for anyone else... 

other than teaching at universities,
but I'm not working for them, 
I'm working with them. 

Gallery 222 Malvern
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The Story Behind the Artist - Luba M. Caruso

Luba M. Caruso - Artist
My grandmother, well you know, she...
she had a tough life.
They escaped the war in Ukraine.  Came to
the United States and finally made it to
her cute little house... 
with a picket fence and the wraparound porch
and she'd sit there and would paint her oils.
She was an amazing artist.
And so she would teach me since I was
very little.  Mixing the oils you know and
making the composition.
And I would always say... Gosh why are you
painting flowers like how boring.  Don't you
want to paint the sea you know?
She's like... Oh no, there's beauty in
everything.  Paint a flower.  And I really
never really did until recently...
since I moved here, I started with the
florals, so that's a great inspiration to me
and my mother always painted flowers. 
Whether my mother didn't paint so much with
me, but she taught me so much other things
in art cuz she's an amazing artist.
And my grandmother with her actual physical
painting you know...
it came together. 
And then I was at Villanova for tennis, my
father saw my artwork when I went to London
for the summer...
And he told me... he's like... Oh my God you
know, you've got to paint.  I was supposed to... 
I was going into medicine.
He's like you're not going to be a doctor
like the rest of our family, you're going to
and he sent me to Parsons and I
studied more and... and it's been
a love affair ever since. 
You know I... I have to constantly draw or
paint something every day. Gallery 222 Malvern
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The Story Behind the Artist - Kristi Gilfillan

Kristi Gilfillan - Artist
Always loved art... my mom was an artist.  My
grandmother on the other side was an artist.
And from when I was a little girl, I was always
drawing, painting.  My mom and my
grandmother both used to be in an art group... 
and I actually would always feign sickness
those days from school so I could go
paint with them. 
And I... just.. I mean my favorite Christmas
gift was almost every other year was like
a new box of colored pencils... 
and that's what I looked forward to.  So in my
free time I was always drawing and painting.
And it's carried through you know through life.
It wasn't... recently... more recently I got to
become more serious with it and start doing
these oil paintings, but I've always loved it.

Gallery 222 Malvern
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The Story Behind the Artist - Jan Wier

Jan Wier - Artist
I worked in art as a child mostly, 
some as a teen...
and then I kinda left it and went and did
a business degree.  And then I found my
way back into a creative field...
interior design, which is a business and
an art all in one.  And then in the past
3 years, I've started taking classes again... 
spending time at home painting and
really getting back into this very first love
that I had.

The Story Behind the Artist - Paula Sargent Mintzer

Paula Sargent Mintzer - Artist
I first fell in love with art probably when I was... 
first could pick up a pencil or a crayon.

I spent time painting and drawing and
cutting paper and I always wanted to
go to school for art.

I was an art minor.  Painted realism and
representational work, which came
easy to me.

I could do the shading on an object and
it's just came easy to me. 

But the real challenge was when I started
doing abstract work, because that all
comes from within.

Gallery 222 Malvern
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The Story Behind the Artist - Nicole Michaud

I didn't start doing art when I was younger, but I was very interesting and I was very interested in looking images, looking at sculptures and statues and wondering about how they would be.  About three months into my job after college, I was sitting at my desk thinking, I don't think I can do this for the rest of my life.  It feels so natural to come into this as a profession now that I've had the schooling, now that I've had the training and to have the freedom to pursue it during the day and have it be what it is that I make, what it is that out in the world and its very comfortable now. 

The Story Behind the Artist - Heather McMordie

I always loved art.  I took private art lessons starting from the time I was eight until like all the way through high school.  But it was kind of like a creative outlet for me something that I did that was just completely relaxing and enjoyable.   And all through childhood I was really interested in science like

that was the career path that I wanted to go in was science and in particular chemistry.  My senior year of high school,  in April of my senior year, I realized that I could give up science and be okay with it.  I couldn't give up doing art every day and be okay with that.  So that's how I ended up deciding to go to art school.  And I think printmaking for me is that kind of like a happy medium because there is everything that I do has a little bit of a scientific element to it.  There's like you're making experiments, you have limiting variables, but at the same time it's completely creative and there's no right answer.

The Story behind the artist - Heather Davis

I always, always drew.  So that I got a scholarship that high school for art.  I did my first, I was also an athlete and went to University of Delaware, my first year blew my ankle out about the third day of hockey camp.  So,I  transferred on the Rhode Island School of Design, knowing that into the sports as well.  And I did get a degree in painting.   And you get out of art school and have a bachelor of fine arts in painting  and I fell back on life my, my history.  Following my grandfather around the building and I went into building.   I wound up staying here years in that trade.  I went to that art show that was it.  It was like it was just an instant change.  

The Story behind the Artist - Martin Campos

I grew up in the southwest and we lived in the middle of nowhere between El Paso Texas and Carlsbad New Mexico.  The love it was actually displacing other things.  The drawing made up for the lack of having a girlfriend, being able to drive a diesel, being able to fly a jet, being able to do a lot of things.  So a lot of those things that I didn't have the bravery to do I would draw them and it felt like I was doing them. So art kind of slip through the back door, was something that became concrete, I think mostly in high school.  But I'd loved it prior to that, it is very subliminal.  But it was after I left high school or I told myself I'm still drawn after a year I’m going to continue to do it.   I moved out of my house to Albuquerque New Mexico for the sake of drawing the real human being.  Once I began to mix with a lot of other artists that were actually doing it in a much larger city, a little bit more liberal city, I saw that I was able to.. that I had it.  That year span I knew that I could do it but I don't know how the hell I was going to go about making it happen.  Accident, a lot of probably hopeless optimism about even maybe ignorance but just trying to make each drawing better and better and I would probably say having the Masters cast a big shadow over me that I felt warm under that helped me grow.


The Story Behind the Artist - Mark Fleming

Mark Fleming - Artist
I guess.. I guess I'm like like a visual hands on learner.  It's just like... if I see you do something it's just like ok I can just do... I understand it, I can do it. It kinda like runs in my family too...
my dad, my brother, my grandfather, my uncle, my aunts... like... everyone on my dad's side of the family just super talented at either sewing or building, painting like... knitting... like you name it... drawing pictures of like the coolest stuff ever and it's just like... so, I got exposed to it... at an early age and I just... it kinda like blew me away and I was just like... ok well... let me just give it a go and then...there was just no stopping me.

The Story Behind the Artist - Nancy Bea Miller

Nancy Bea Miller - Artist
Like most artists, I always loved art and
I grew with a pencil or crayon in my hand.
That's like... my first memories are of
drawing and painting.  So, it was just part
of my life.
And my parents had art supplies and
art books and art magazines all over
the place.
It was just part of my natural
environment.  I did well in school so,
I was able to go to an... 
Ivy League University and they were just
like... do not waste your time being an
You can be a doctor, a lawyer, a scientist.
Do something like that and I was like... 
So, I went to Penn and I just couldn't do
any of that other stuff... you know... 
it just kinda has to come out.

Gallery 222 Malvern
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The Story Behind the Artist - Kaitlin Dodds

I think started at a young age.  I have a lot of memories and kindergarten of my drawing is always being a lot more complicated than other kids.  And my parents framing a lot of things and they have this like weird, weird book thing at Sugar Town Elementary School where you got to illustrate your own book.  And so, I remember doing that even at a really young age.  But it’s always have been there but always hasn’t been at the forefront of my life.  I did the neuroscience track for a while and I thought that was what I wanted to do.  And I graduated and I kind of had this epiphany when I was shadowing a bunch of nurses and doctors that Paoli Hospital and realized that what I wanted was kind of this like romantic notion of being a doctor and that wasn't really, that wasn't really me. So I'd always done the art on the side and was something that always interested me and after that kind of epiphany that I had, I'd decided to go to Italy to study art for about a semester right after school was over.   And that was kind of the eye-opening experience for me where I wasn't really stressed about what I was studying.   I enjoyed every subject that I was learning and it was this aha moment that maybe this was more me than what I was doing before.

The Story behind the Artist - Claire Haik

I've always like going out into the stream and found all the different colored rocks and then painted on the other rocks with them and try to find the largest selection of colors.  I remember doing that when I was five years old. Playing in the stream and trying to find all the rocks all different colors, so I've always drawn.  I've always been drawn to nature and I never had trouble being outside alone even when I was younger.  I would walk as far as I could before I got scared and had to turn around.  I've always loved the idea that the nature you can feel like, even was ten years old I could feel that it's connected to this like deep history and connected to so many other things that I did not like have like an interpersonal relationship with but I wanted to.  As I grew older my drawings & paintings became more specific and my parents are great and brought me to museums and I was able to look at artist throughout history and I started to try and go outside and draw my own both real landscapes and imaginary ones because I was always drawn to like fantasy worlds and books.  And then as I grew older I found that I really enjoyed spending time in the woods and sitting there and waiting for,  you know the squirrels to forget you were there and start walking in front.
Gallery 222 Malvern
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