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McGirl - Shark with Catbirds

mcgirl SharkwithCatbirds.JPG
mcgirl SharkwithCatbirds.JPG

McGirl - Shark with Catbirds


Jeremy McGirl

40.5” x 49.5”

Oil and Colored Pencil

“This painting, Shark with Catbirds is completed in oil paint with outlines of a catbird shape layered over they top in colored pencil.  The set up of the painting with the shark turning sharply eyeing the viewer where there is no firm sense of the ocean floor or the surface of the water is meant to give the viewer a sense of being anxiousness that can come from situations with many unknowns.  The repetition of the catbird shape layered over the top creates a wave movement implying the current of water passing by the shark.   I hope that it has a viewer contemplating the dynamics of relationships and how context and environment can shape these interactions.” - Jeremy

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